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Specializing in fine wines from the Pacific Northwest:  Oregon & Washington

Inside, you will find one of the best selections of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir available anywhere.

Also, browse or many white wines and various red wines from around Oregon, Walla Walla, Columbia Valley and more.







Our Tours

  1. Custom Tailored
  2. Unique Wines
  3. Unpretentious
  4. Door-to-door

The specific itinerary is flexible for each tour.  The best way to do it is to just kick back, relax, and let us treat you to an insider’s look at some of the hidden secrets and lesser-known gems of the Willamette.  If you have specific requests we’ll take those into account but keep in mind – we live and breathe Willamette Valley.  Nobody has a more intimate understanding of everything this region has to offer than we do!

Getting off the beaten path is what we’re all about – we will take you to places you probably would have never found on your own.  We try to cover a variety of stops for breathtaking scenery, rolling vineyards, unique and superb wines, and often a chance to meet and speak with the winery owners and winemakers themselves.

The whole experience is designed to be fun and unpretentious so whether you are a casual wine drinker or a full fledged aficionado, Backcountry will be the perfect fit for you.

We provide door-to-door service within a broad pickup zone, so one of our 5 expert guides will pick you up directly at your location – usually at 10:00 A.M. (or 10:30 if you are staying in the valley)  A scenic drive will lead us into wine country where you will enjoy some world class wine and take in the beauty and serenity of the region.  We strive to offer you a chance to see and experience several A.V.A.s (American Viticultural Areas) so that you get a sense for the remarkable diversity that exists within the region.  We like to share our knowledge of the Oregon wine industry, as much as you care to hear – so the tour can be as educational as it is fun – but it’s casual and we promise not to talk your head off!

Jack’s deep knowledge of Pacific Northwest wines is unsurpassed by anyone else I’ve met in the industry. Each wine he has shared with me has come with a story not only of the fine nectar within but of the passion, creativity and, what we all know is crucial for an exceptional wine, patience that went in to developing its terroir.

Simon F.

I did lots of research on wine tour companies in Willamet Valley and I was impressed with Backcountry from their genuine and detailed website. I could tell their passion for what they do. The tour itself was unmatched, truly an incredible experience! Our driver was amazing, the Mercedes van was spacious and clean, and the hospitality was incredible! Jack (owner) allowed us to buy wine from each place we visited and he personally boxed them and shipped them to us after the tour. You will not regret booking with Backcountry!! I will be using them again!

Kirsten A.

Dillon was an excellent guide! We visited 3 wineries with beautiful views and tasty wine and between the staff at each stop and Dillon, we had all of our questions answered and learned so much! Highly recommend!

Page D.

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